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You will find in this collection the works, publications and communications of the members of the Montpellier Research in Economics (EA 7491).

«  Montpellier Research in Economics » (MRE) is a research center of the University of Montpellier gathering members from the Faculty of Economics.

The research activities of the unit are structured around three thematic axes:

1- To bring out regulatory and social standards for a preserved future

2- Stimulate innovation for a transition towards sustainable development

3- Implement and evaluate responsible public policies


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Permis à circuler Coverage and price constraints Altruism Managed retreat Natural gas Jugement de valeur Generalized Firstorder dominance Nouvelles technologies Mean-reverting prices Cost savings Constitutional Political Economy Merit order effect Contract LSE Collusion Electricity spot prices Mobilité urbaine Networks competition Call externalities Access price Price constraint Grid regulation History of Economic Thought Grid tariff Factor complementarity Optiminism Dominance Distastefulness Gasoline Tax Network Asymmetries Futures Markets Merger control Lévy measure Coverage constraint Judges Preference elicitation Health care priority setting James Buchanan Political economy Glide Path Judo match analysis Coase Liberalism Fuzzy variable Education Live actors Democracy Photovoltaic electricity Gift Next generation network Investment Content quality Net neutrality regime Discriminatory regime Coase theorem Congestion pricing Floods Parametric fuzzy measure Decentralized production unit Climate change Competition Mean-Risk dominance Brown vs Board of education Plant Credibility measure Logistic growth Crra utility Hidden information Equity Judicial decision making Poverty index Horizontal merger Deforestation Choix des consommateurs Performance Common sense Self-interest Consumer decision making Positional concerns History of Political Economy Constitutional economics Externalities Electricity production Coastal inundation Context of exchange Prioritarianism Jump-diffusion process Principles of transfers Live decision making Mobile Termination Rates Bargain Principes de transfert Cannan Methodology Incentives Howard's algorithm Conditionality Market failures Choice Experiment Bien-être Clubs Fuzzy lower partial mo-ment Buchanan Commodities Chicago Futures Access charge Asymmetry Network competition Regulation