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 It consists of publications of the 5 member institutions of the IP Paris (click on logos to access their HAL portal) :


École polytechnique ENSTA Paris ENSAE Télécom Paris Télécom SudParis
École polytechnique ENSTA Paris ENSAE Paris Télécom Paris Télécom SudParis


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Initial state Squark pair production NFV Background Dark matter relic density Perturbation theory higher-order Mass dependence Statistical analysis Optimal control Phase space Jet bottom Supersymmetry P p colliding beams Transverse momentum dependence B+ hadronic decay Data analysis method Final state njet lepton Energy efficiency Quantum chromodynamics perturbation theory Rapidity dependence Final state njet dilepton Neutrino oscillation Tracks Sensitivity 13000 GeV-cms Muon Channel cross section measured Neural Networks W pair production Gluino mass lower limit Higher-order 1 Nucleus CP violation Final state njet Resonance production Jet transverse momentum Asymmetry CP Boundary condition Gauge field theory Performance Gradient Flow Radiation initial-state interaction Anomaly detection Angular dependence Transverse momentum missing-energy Electron Z0 hadronic decay Tensor energy-momentum Factorization Jet multiplicity Artificial Intelligence Benchmarking Supersymmetry symmetry breaking Signature Astrophysics - Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Bottom particle identification Adaptive sampling 8000 GeV-cms Statistical Photon pair production CERN LHC Coll CMS Rapidity Clustering Deep learning Image processing B0 branching ratio upper limit Top pair production Chargino mass lower limit Automatic Keywords Mean-Field Langevin Dynamics Gravitation 7000 GeV-cms8000 GeV-cms Channel cross section upper limit Kinematics Interference AWS Gluino pair production J-PARC Lab Amplitude analysis LHC-B KAMIOKANDE Sparsity Experimental results CERN Lab Higgs particle hadroproduction Final state hadronic Electroweak interaction B+ -- rho770 pi+ New physics B+ -- 2pi+ pi Differential cross section measured Structure Analytic continuation Numerical calculations Monte Carlo P p scattering Channel cross section branching ratio upper limit Coupling constant upper limit Neutralino mass lower limit 7000 GeV-cms8000 GeV-cms13000 GeV-cms